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Nokia Software Updater Download

Nokia Software Updater is a Windows based application to get the latest device and application software updates. This is a simple application just for updating and recovering software.

Nokia Software Updater is released to update and recover their mobile device firmware of a recent Series 40 or S60 devices and require Internet connection for downloading update from Nokia.

Update using your PC

If you have Nokia Suite installed in your PC, you can check your phone’s current software version and download new versions if they are available. You will need internet enabled PC for it.

Follow these steps to update phone’s software using Nokia Suite

  • On your PC, open Nokia Suite and connect your phone
  • In Nokia Suite, select Tools > Software updates.
  • From the list of available updates, choose what you’d like to install.

Nokia Suite words on all Windows based PCs (Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.)

Nokia Suite is not available for Mac at this time. If you are a Mac user, you need to update your software using your device. You can find step below to download direct from device.

Download Nokia Software Updater – Link

Update using your phone

Nokia phone user can download most software updates using their phone, without any PC.

Software updates are always free from Nokia to keep your phone working at its best,with improvements to battery life and performance and new features.

To Download update using your phone follow these steps.

  • Select Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone Updates.
  • Select any available updates you want to install.
  • To download, follow the on-screen instructions.